Scared Stiff


Scared Stiff
2016. NakedSword
Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
Starring: Ryan Rose, Colby Keller, Seth Santoro, Jack Hunter, Wesley Woods and Tom Faulk

  It's 1985 and the guys are at Camp Camelot waiting for the chicks to arrive. So what are a bunch of guys to do that have weed
and vodka? Get messed up! Unfortunately they run out of weed, the vodka is empty and the girls never show up. Well Ranger
Colby Keller shows up and begins telling the story about ten years ago on this night five guys were murdered in these woods.
Since it's cold, Seth Santoro and Jack Hunter go and get the blankets in the truck, but they get scared and jump in the truck.
While inside Hunter starts kissing on Santoro, and kissing leads to dick sucking, and the shocker is when Hunter sits on Santoro's
dick! Don't worry, they do flip. Back at the house Ryan Rose hears some loud noise and all of a sudden Ranger Colby is at the
door. Once inside Keller tells Rose if he wants to be safe to get naked, and when he does, Keller notices that Rose is scared stiff.
Since Rose is naked Keller does some major butt munching and then they both shoot in each other's face. When Santoro and
Hunter come back in the house, we realize Rose and Keller having sex was just a dream, but now where are Woods and Faulk?
Woods and Faulk are getting high when they realize they want to get naked... luckily Woods knows of a place to go. After some
sucking Woods is the first to fuck (not used to seeing Woods as a top but I like it!) and then it's Faulk's turn to be the top. Before
the guys leave the tent they are scared when they see a shadow and a man with a mask and a pitchfork. Faulk and Woods run
to the house, scare the guys and the man with a mask and pitchfork comes in and unzips his pants. Out comes his dick, so what
do five scared guys do? They get naked and join him in one of the best group scenes I have seen in a very long time! This movie
was written by the very funny and talented Jackie Beat, and trust me her humor is in the movie! Stay till the end of the movie
because a special theme song has been written and sung by Jackie Beat. This movie is funny and sexy... see you at the 2017 Grabbys!

 3.95 Stars!