Sands of Time


Sands of Time
2013 Kristen Bjorn

Directed by Strongboli
Starring: Donato Reyes, Valentino Medici, Tomas Fridel, Abel Pozar, Brian Mcknight, Jalil Jafar, Adrian Toledo, Robin Sanchez
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

Ever go out of town and feel like new meat? Everyone is new and you like it? Well for me that is what it's like to review a Kristen
Bjorn and sexy new meat! Ever have some deep fantasies and desires that you just don't share with your partner?
Well Adrian does and he is uncomfortable telling his lover Brian so he writes them down and puts them in a bottle and sends them
down a river (yes it is a deep movie). I don't get the problem because Adrian loves Brian's huge cock and Brian loves spreading those
cheeks. So you are going to love this next couple, and after being together for years, Robin still needs to take it slow when it comes to
sitting on Abel's huge cock (that's so romantic). OMG Robin and Abel are on a hike and find a bottle with a note in it and those horny
dogs find this note intriguing. Wait, there are more bottles and they go on a mission to find this Adrian. They find this Adrian and find
out that his partner is hot also, so you know what that of the hottest 4 ways I have seen this year! They are getting fucked
while fucking all while having their dick's sucked. Our new segment has Jaili and Donato at a party at Valentino and Tomas' house,
and you just know they are getting naked together. Remember it's always good to stay late at a party because that's when the rimming
starts, and we know that rimming leads to...fucking. This is a very hot movie and I look forward to seeing even more of these hot men.
 3.95 Stars!