San Francisco Meat Packers 2


San Francisco Meat Packers 2
2014 Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring: Boomer Banks, Angel Rock, Angelo Marconi, Chris Bines, Hans Berlin, Jimmy Durano, Tommy Defendi and
Billy Santoro
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

OK I will say it: if you are a vegetarian, don't watch this movie. But if you like hot sex, watch! So Billy Santoro is cutting
the meat and laying it out and Banks lays his dick on the table (this made me giggle). Meat Packers Angel Rock and Chris
Bines start this movie's first sex scene. With Rock in a scene you know who is getting fucked and that's Bines (I don't know
who is going to do it but it's time for Rock to sit on a dick...I just hope a camera is involved). Rock is a major ass eater, but he
really likes getting his big ol dick sucked on. Now we are onto Hans Berlin and one of my favorite people, Tommy Defendi.
Defendi has a major dick (he has a Grabby to prove it) and Berlin gets to suck it and Defendi really seems to like it. It's time for
some ass eating and Defendi is digging in. Boy does Berlin like it! When the fucking starts, Berlin is majorly riding Defendi's
big dick! Now we have Jimmy Durano checking out Angelo's ass (he should, it's amazing). Marconi and Durano are two guys in
great shape and it's just hot to watch them having sex. But when Durano starts grabbing and playing with Marconi's ass, your
ass will be twitching. When they start fucking, shocker Marconi has Durano's dick up his ass (has Marconi ever been the top?).
Billy Santoro (former GRAB Magazine cover model) is back and Boomer Banks is the lucky one having his dick sucked. When
it's time for the fucking and Santoro says 'it's huge' (made me giggle) all I could think was DUH! Meat Packers 2 is a very good
movie, but if it had a group scene it would be perfect!
 3.94 Stars!