San Francisco Meat Packers 1


San Francisco Meat Packers 1
2014 Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Tony Dimarco
Starring: Billy Santoro, Angelo Marconi, Shawn Wolfe, Boomer Banks, Tony Orion, Adam Wirthmore, Fabio Stallone
and Landon Conrad
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

Opening the movie is Boomer Banks who has one of the biggest pieces of meat in gay porn today. Joining him is Angelo
Marconi who has a Grabby for Hottest Bottom. For me, the freaky part is having sex among the hanging meat. Marconi has
always been a talented dick sucker and you have to be to go down on Banks. Marconi has one of the hottest and most talented
asses, but when Banks starts eating his ass, I think I felt something. When Marconi sits on Bank's dick, all you will think is
breathe Marconi. Next up we have Tony Orion who will do anything for a job and Fabio Stallone who will start things out with
a blow job (I think someone is getting a job). The sexual harassment continues with Orion on his back on the desk (I have never
had a job interview like this before!). I do question how Orion can just basically take it with Stallone's dick up his ass (a little ocean
and motion in that ass please Orion). Now we have two guys who have many nominations at the 2014 Grabbys, Shawn Wolfe and
Billy Santoro. The way that Santoro is man handling Wolfe's ass you know who is getting fucked! All I can say is Shawn Wolfe,
that's how you ride a dick! When Adam Wirthmore is cleaning things up with his rubber gloves he kind of makes it dirty, but when
Landon Conrad joins him it's just hot! Chicago people will laugh when you see Wirthmore pull his dick through the hole in his
pocket (something we have all seen from a local bartender!) and the way Conrad is eating Wirthmore's ass all I can think is fuck me
please. The hanging meat was a little creepy, but the sex was hot!
 3.95 Stars!