Ryan Rose 

Tom Olah: How did you first get into porn?
Ryan Rose: Well, it all started when I lost my job as a projects manager for a construction company in southwest Florida. That night
I posted something online and the next day I was called by my former agent and three weeks later, I’m filming in San Diego.

T.O: Ryan, when you lived in Chicago, you were hot but lately your body is off the charts. What is your workout routine like?
R.R: I could tell you but then I would have to kill you! LOL JK I eat Wheaties everyday that’s my secret.

T.O: What was your first day on a porn set like?
R.R: I was so nervous, shy, intimidated, lost in the sauce. Did I mention I prematurely came?

T.O: Who was your first scene partner?
R.R: [Laughing] I’m not going to give that pompous piss any relevance, sorry.

T.O: Who do you still want to work with on the big screen?
R.R: Brent Everett. I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but I want to film with Brent Everett.

T.O: Let’s talk about your scene with Johnny V in Naughty Pines. Did you guys know each other before you filmed this Grabby-
nominated scene?
R.R: Okay let’s. Our scene together was directed by Tony Dimarco, nominated as Best Director and one of my favorite directors. And,
to my knowledge, it’s also Johnny’s first scene. And, no, we probably saw each other on occasion and I think we danced together before.
He entered the industry but we were never properly introduced till our scene together, which recently has been nominated for Best
Videography, Best Duo, Best All Sex Movie, as well as Best Movie.

T.O: I consider your scene with Johnny V to be one of the hottest scenes of last year. Was  it as hot in real life or are you both really
good actors?
R.R: I mean look at Johnny’s body. That Guido is ripped with muscles on top of muscles but when he opens his mouth, oh, my god, it’s
like getting bitch-slapped with a refreshing taste of Chicago, which consequently, is my hometown. So now that you guys realize you put
not one but two Chicago wise guys on set together, one being Italian and one being Irish, one from the south side and one from the north
side. Let’s just say, there was a lot of joking on set and if we weren’t friends before, I have to say we are good buddies now except during
baseball season. 

T.O: Congratulations on your eight Grabby nominations this year, plus you are co-hosting. Do you think it’s going to be a fun weekend?
R.R: First off, let me say thank you so much. This will be my third Grabby Awards. Oh my, have things changed. Wow! Let me tell you,
at my first Grabbys, I don’t even think any of my scenes for Falcon had been released yet and consequently no nominations and no one
knew me and if they did, it wasn’t for the right reasons. So one Grabby win and two years later, I have eight nominations and I’m a co-host.
How did that happen and are you guys really giving me a microphone? So do I think it’s going to be a fun weekend? Bitch, please. You
have Tommy Defendi, myself, Johnny V and Leo Forte, all in our hometown, the rest of the industry, the Grabbys, I’m sure RENTBOY
will be there, Fabscout and IML, all during one weekend, and most of us are staying at the Hard Rock Hotel. You ever heard of the great
Chicago Fire? It wasn’t a cow. It was a gay porn star during the first-ever Grabbys and history is going to repeat itself. Hope they have the
National Guard on standby!

T.O: I have always wanted to ask someone this. Since you won a Grabby last year for Best Versatile performer, where do you keep it?
R.R: I keep mine on my desk next to all the other spots I left vacant for my new Grabbys.

T.O: What can we look forward to see you in this year?
R.R: Gutter Punks from Hot House, which comes out on DVD in May, right before the Grabbys.

T.O: Do you know how many movies you have made so far?
R.R: [Laughs] I don’t even remember what I had for breakfast. Now you are going to ask me something like that. It’s 27 and counting for
Falcon Studios Group for a total of nearly 40 scenes.

T.O: What does your family think of your porn career?
R.R: [Laughs] They like to refer to it as “modeling” and we don’t speak of that certain topic as much as others but it’s whatever and I’m
more lucky than most on how my parents not only dealt with my coming out but then my career path as well

T.O: Best way for your fans to keep up with all things Ryan Rose?

This article ran in the May 5, 2015 Issue of GRAB Magazine.