Rub Me Right


Rub Me Right
2013 Raging Stallion/Falcon

Directed by Andrew Rosen, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond
Starring: Dominic Pacifico, Steve Stiffer, Jimmy Durano, Brandon Jones, Conner Maguire, Jackson Taylor, Casey More,
and Richie Sabatini
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

I think it is funny when Raging Stallion/Falcon say these sexy hot men look just like us (I wish). Steve Stiffer can suck his own
dick (which he does) and gets fucked by Dominic Pacifico. And Jimmy Durano has a dick that always seems to be hard (in the
good way) and it's morning so Durano is hard! The lucky winner of the big thick Durano dick is Brandon Jones! Brandon's
hole almost quivers (both of them) when Durano starts stuffing and the amount of cum...amazing! Do you like cleaning your
kitchen? Wouldn't you just like to throw the dishes away and get new one's each time? Well I don't live in that world, but I
sure would be greatfull to have Casey Moore do my dishes. Richie Sabatini starts with the back rub and ends with a good hard
fuck! Have you ever seen Jackson Taylor? He is like a sexual dynamo and who's up for the challenge, Connor Maguire! These
two are just sexual beings and sexy fucks. If you like a lot of spraying cocks this movie is for you!
 3.75 Stars!