Route 69


Route 69
2017. Falcon
Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring Dustin Holloway, Fane Roberts, Johnny V, Skyy Knox, JJ Knight, Ryan Rose, Alex Mecum, Nate Stetson and
Derek Maxum.

   For the last 45 years Falcon has produced some of the best movies ever made in the gay porn industry. Route 69 was
inspired by classic Falcon scenes that span more than four decades.
   Dustin Holloway and Fane Roberts are on a drive in the country and need some gas. Finding a gas station in the middle
of nowhere, Nate Stetson is willing to fill their tank. The mechanic Johnny V comes out to look under the hood because
something is wrong with the car and they bring it in the garage. Stetson and Johnny are horny and start making out and
rubbing on each other with Holloway and Roberts watching. Johnny is on his knees sucking on Stetson’s (he has classic
Calvin’s on) dick, then Stetson is eating Johnny’s ass before he is fucking him (the guys are still watching). Later, Holloway
and Roberts are back on the road late at night and finally stop at a motel. Roberts has to talk with the motel manager and
you now how that goes when JJ Knight’s large dick comes out of his pants. Roberts has to suck on it (lucky guy). While
Roberts is sucking on Knights dick, Knight starts getting naked and eventually he is eating ass and you know what that
means: Knight will be fucking Roberts. The next day, back on the road, Holloway has to use the bathroom; the urinal is
next to a stall has a glory hole where is when Derek Maxum comes in and happens to go in the stall [wink-wink]. Maxum
puts his large dick through the hole and Holloway is on his knees to do some sucking. Maxum comes out of the stall to return
the favor. Remember that they are in an off-road bathroom. Sucking dick and eating some ass is all they can do. The guys are
back on the road and they finally stop for some food and Ryan Rose is their waiter [laughs, really?]. Rose shoots Roberts’
coke all over him (I told you) and Rose being the kind guy that he is, takes his shirt off to dry Roberts. You know this leads
to Rose sucking on Roberts’ dick. (Why does this never happen to me?) When Rose starts eating Roberts’ ass, it means Roberts
is getting fucked for the second time in this movie. Back on the road, the guys run out of gas; Roberts starts walking and, lucky
for him, Alex Mecum picks him up. While driving the guys start flirting and rubbing on each other and when Mecum gets his
dick out, Holloway is more than happy to suck it. Once Mecum pulls the truck over, the guys get naked and suck on each other.
Back at the car, Holloway is shocked when Skyy Knox shows up while he is jacking off; what’s a good guy like Knox to do?
Well, suck Holloway’s dick with Holloway returning the favor. Now the shock is when Knox fucks Holloway. Back on the road
at night, the guys finally find a motel at which to stay. Finally Holloway and Roberts get naked with each other. Up until this
point, Roberts has been the bottom for two guys but he is the top with Holloway.

  3.95 Stars!