Roommate Wanted


Roommate Wanted
2014 NakedSword

Directed by Mr. Pam
Starring: Liam Harkmoore, Dylan Knight, Boomer Banks, Joseph Rough, Cam Christou, Rey Luis, Luke Harding,
Colby Keller and Leo Forte
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

Rey Luis needs an apartment! Well he shows up a day early for an open house and Boomer Banks is home naked and
whacking off and Luis will do whatever it takes to share an apartment with Banks. Luis goes to his knees and starts sucking
(or trying to suck) Banks' big cock and is naked in no time. Now the part that makes me worried is that Banks is eating Luis's
ass, and we know that is going to lead to fucking his ass. Baby does Banks fuck it (I think my ass is starting to hurt). Next guy
looking for a room is Cam Christou and Luke Harding is a man with a room. Now Christou thinks the apartment is a dump,
but if Harding comes with it he is interested. All is good because to get the room you have to have sex with Harding. After sucking
each other with some ass eating on the side, it's time for Harding to fuck Christou. What's interesting is that they are doing it in
the hall which means don't be surprised when roommate Leo Forte shows up to join in. Don't worry, Forte gets a chance on
power bottom Christou's ass. Next up we have cuties Liam Harkmoore and Dylan Knight who get tired of waiting to see an
apartment and go to Knight's uncle's apartment to fuck. These two are naked in no time and I am correct when I guess that
Harkmoore likes to get fucked. Now we have Joesph Rough who is desperate for a place to stay and when an apartment is
available for $100 in San Fran you know something is up. All Rough says when Keller opens the door in his underwear is hello
Daddy. Rough is on his knees with Keller's cock in his mouth immediately. Keller is then fucking Rough on the couch in record
time (okay pounding his ass). I will say if putting out gets you a place to live in the tight San Francisco housing market, do it.
 3.8 Stars!