Rock Star!


Rock Star!
Directed by Andrew Rosen
Starring:  Paddy O' Brian, Cal Skye, Sebastian Rossi , Joey Cooper, Ray Diaz, Jimmy Durano, Colby Chambers and Alex Graham

(Condoms used for all penetration.)

The life of a rock star can be ruff when there are a lot of people involved like lawyers, managers and security just to name a few.
The good thing is they will do what ever it takes to make the rock star happy. Lawyer Colby Chambers is worried about our rock
star and his manager Alex Graham will do what ever it takes including getting his hard dick out to give lawyer Chambers something
else to think about. After the legal papers are sighed, the rock star staff has now started getting naked and busy and management
sticks it to the lawyer again, again and again. Next up we have Joey Cooper and Jimmy Durano who are taking a break from the
tour and we all know that means...skinny dipping! Now what I saw next is something I have never seen in a scene with Jimmy
Durano...a tongue up his butt and he liked it a lot. Cooper did not fuck him, but I have hope that someone will take Durano's ass in
the future! The next part is kind of funny (in a good way) when bodyguards Cal Skye and Sebastion Rossi decide that rock star must
be passed out and it's out outside and take their shirts off and they decide they kind of like what they see. Like what they see is really
an understatement, but Rossi keeping his headset and sunglasses on while Skye is sucking him off is sexy/funny and hot all at the same
time. So while security is getting busy, twink Joey Cooper sneaks in to rock star Paddy O'Brien's house and is a stripper. He is soon
naked and shortly has our rock star naked because all rock stars are curious, not gay (LOL). This movie had a great plot, but I feel
the director was afraid to give us a good story and let his actors speak. I know it's 2013 and gay porn movies don't let actors speak
anymore, but this one would have been so much better with a few spoken words.
 3.7 Stars!