Rocco Steele

Tom Olah: Rocco, how did you first get into porn?
Rocco Steele: To be honest, doing porn was the last thing I ever thought I would be doing a year ago.
I had just left my corporate job in March and was setting out to start my new business venture (totally
unrelated to adult entertainment). I needed capital to do this and was trying to make ends meet doing
various odd jobs in New York City and escorting. I was surviving but I realized I just wasn’t bringing
enough in to save money for this goal. At the time, I was talking to a few friends in porn and they all
suggested that I make a video or two because they said it would help my escorting business and I could
ultimately make and save more money. I had been talking to Ray Dragon about a year earlier and he
reached out to me asking if I would be interested in shooting for his studio. I contacted him at this point
to see if he was still interested as a year or more had passed. He was and offered me a solo scene to test
the waters for both of us. The rest is history.

T.O: By the way, congratulations for your Hookie Awards. How was that night for you?
R.S: I had an amazing time and I would have had an amazing time if I had not won as well. The event
was beautifully executed and was attended by all the exciting faces of the industry. I love these events
because we all get together and support each other and just have a blast. It’s a tough industry and it’s
important to have that “community” feeling and these events help to promote that.

T.O: What was your first day on a porn set like?
R.S: As I mentioned, I agreed to do my first scene with Ray Dragon. It was a solo scene and I had to take
a train to his studio up in Beacon, NY. It’s about an hour up the Hudson outside of New York. I was really
nervous on the train ride up because naturally, I wanted it to be amazing. When I got there, I met Ray and
he walked me through what was going to happen. I was in the army and the scene took place in an army
medical tent. It was really easy to get into that and Ray was an amazing director, very patient and kind.
Before I knew it, it was all over and I had such a great experience. I knew I wanted to do more.

T.O: Who was your first scene partner?
R.S: Adam Russo. It was actually also a Ray Dragon video directed by Joe Gage.
T.O: I am sorry but I have to ask, truthfully, how big is your dick?
R.S: Fully erect, it is 10x7.

T.O: When did you realize you have a big one?
R.S: Growing up, I always thought I might be average to below-average. When I was a freshman in high
school, I ran cross country and I remember being in the showers looking at the other guys’ dicks and being
embarrassed because I thought mine was so small in comparison. Then in college, I was in a fraternity and
one night after one of our parties, I tried to have sex with this sorority girl. I couldn’t get it in and I just
assumed she was really small down there [laughs]. The following Monday morning, all of my frat brothers
started calling me “Clyde” and I had no idea why. Apparently the girl had told all of her sorority sisters
that I was hung like a horse. They in turn told my fraternity brothers, who came up with the nickname “Clyde,”
which was short for Clydesdale. At that point, I realized I had an above-average penis.

T.O: Are you a boxer or briefs kind of guy?
R.S: Boxer briefs. My junk needs that extra room.

This article ran in the May 19, 2015 Issue of GRAB Magazine.