2014 Cockyboys

Directed by Jake Jackson
Starring: Max Ryder, Jake Bass, Levi Carter, JD Phoenix, Aston Weber and Aiden Summers
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

     Well Jake and Max (stars of "Project Go Go Boys") are going on a road trip and I just want to know who rented these two
crazy guys a camper? Now these two guys are like twin brothers who sometimes have sex. This movie is like a documentary from
what it was like for these two guys who are new to the porn industry and what happened when they hit with the 2013 Grabby
winner for Movie of the Year and how it all changed their lives. I found it interesting that Max says when Max is having sex he
is more in control and with George (his real name) he is more passionate. Well George showed up to have sex. Part two means
they are on the road and are driving from Boston to the west coast in five days with a lot of red bull. Once in L.A. it's time for the
Cybersocket Awards and it's funny because I was there that night and they were that nervous. But the next night they go to Micky's
 for Cocktails with the Stars and pick up two guys to take back to their hotel room. Now the funny part is that Max and Jake are
best friends now and they don't have sex anymore, but they can do what ever they want in the same bedroom with other guys...ass
eating, dick sucking and fucking. This is not your typical porn... it's a moc-u-menrty with twink sex. You will look at Max Ryder and
Jake Bass differently... maybe as tops (okay versatile) after this movie.
 3.85 Stars!