Ride It


Ride It
2016. Hot House Video
Directed by Nick Foxx
Starring: Austin Wolf, Chris Bines, Sebastian Cross, Tegan Zayne, Armond Rizzo, Brendan Phillips, Brayden Allen and
Colton Grey

We are at a motorcycle shop and Armond Rizzo is on Grindr instead of getting his work done. When his boss catches him,
we find out you suck your bosses dick (who happens to be Chris Bines... I don't think power-bottom Rizzo minds). Since Bines
is such a good boss, he takes a good long time to munch on Rizzo's juicy ass before he gets a wild ass toy to fuck him with (Rizzo
definitely likes it). After the toy, Rizzo gets the real thing... did you think Rizzo was going to leave without getting Bines' big 'ol
dick up his ass? In another part of the shop Sebastian Kross is getting a chubby checking out Brendan Phillips' ass. Now when
Brendan Phillips wants to rub your shoulders, it's code for 'I want to suck your dick, Kross!' This is also Sebastian Kross land,
which means it's code to Phillips that he is going to fuck some Phillips ass (we want to know when we're going to see Sebastian
Kross' cherry pop?). It's now the end of the day and Colton Grey wants to get out of his clothes... and Brayden Allen is willing
to help! We all know that Grey is versatile, but when he starts playing with Allen's ass I am shocked because I thought Allen
was a bitch top... NOT! Once Grey starts eating Allen's ass that dick of Grey's is fast to follow! The whole time Grey was fucking
Allen,  Allen had his jockstrap on so I was thinking he has a small one. NOPE... he has a real nice cock and Grey likes it up his ass
(2017 is the Year of the Flip). In yet another part of the shop we learn that Tegan Zayne's bike has a problem and he also has
money problems. Luckily Austin Wolf is willing to work something out, which means Wolf is going to fuck Zayne. I have to say,
though, Austin Wolf is quite the manly man... is it a problem that he has a Mickey Mouse tattoo on his arm?

 3.75 Stars!