2016. Titanmen

Directed by Jason Mark
Starring: David Benjamin, Lorenzo Flex, Jesse Jackman, Dallas Steele, Bruce Beckman and Vinnie Stefano
Responsible husband, Dallas Steele, is mad at irresponsible husband, David Benjamin, over a $500 pair of shoes. In
order to get their vacation, it looks like they will need to rent their place out, but first Benjamin is going to have to suck some
Steele dick to keep the shoes. The guys take turns sucking dick and eating ass, but Benjamin is the only one getting fucked.
The first renter's are Jesse Jackman and Bruce Beckman who are celebrating their 10th anniversary (Beckman must have
been 18 when they got together). Now this is a couple who still has the hots for each other, but it's Beckman with his lags in
the air first (they are a long-term couple so they take turns and flip). The next couple checking in is Vinnie Stefano and
Lorenzo Flex, and while Stefano is getting a shower in, Flex strips down to his tiny jockstrap to get some sun while teasing
landlord Steele. Being nice, Stefano then fucks Flex with the curtains open so landlord Steele can watch. After watching this
movie you will want to rent your house out.

 3.75 Stars!