RAW Volume 2


RAW Volume 2
2018. CockyBoys
Directed by Jake Jaxson
Starring: Ricky Roman, Josh Moore, Taylor Reign, Calvin Banks and Cory Kane

   A couple things before we get started: This is a CockyBoys movie so we will have great locations. It will be visually stunning
with hot men! Let’s talk about Ricky Roman, Josh Moore and Taylor Reign who we meet when they are already naked (yay)
and Reign is willing to be blindfolded before erect dicks are in his face. While Reign is sucking Moore’s dick, Roman is munching
on Reign’s ass before he starts pounding his ass. Reign’s blindfold comes off so he can see Moore’s dick when he sits on it again
but it goes off-the-chains hot when Roman joins in and they end up double-fucking Reign (hot). Calvin Banks and Cory Kane
are doing some Cockyboys PR and are in an amazing hotel room in Puerto Vallarta naked and rubbing on each other when
Banks decides he needs to suck some dick. After a while, they break out their Fleshjack toy for Kane to fuck while Banks fucks
Kane. When they finally go into the bedroom, we all know that Banks is not done with Kane’s butt. It gets really hot when the
guys flip and Kane fucks Banks, who is one of the best versatile performers in the industry. New scene and we are back with
couple (at least at the filming) Ricky Roman and Josh Moore and now Moore is a bleach blond ( I like it). They don’t waste
time because they are naked and hard in a really great location. I was not surprised when Moore started pumping his large
uncut cock in Roman’s ass, but I loved it when Roman started bouncing on Moore’s big dick.

  3.85 Stars!