Pushing Limits


Pushing Limits
2016. Hot House Video

Directed by Nick Foxx
Starring: Dorian Ferro, Sean Zevran, Sebastian Kross, Tegan Zayne, Alex Mason, Fabio Acconi, Nick Sterling and
Rex Cameron

   This movie begins with Sebastian Kross and Tegan Zayne in their jock straps making out. Then Kross bends Zayne over
and we realize Zayne has a toy up his ass that Kross wants even further up there. After some cock sucking, Zayne has a big
dildo up his ass and Kross is pounding him with it. Don't worry, Zayne finally gets some real Kross dick up in there. Next
we have Sean Zevran and Rex Cameron, and in no time Cameron has Zevran's big dick in his mouth. Their limit pusher
is a big metal rod going up Cameron's ass, followed by a glass butt plug and then a long string of anal beads. Luckily Cameron
could still feel Zevran's dick when the time came. After Dorian Ferro eats Fabio Acconi's ass for five minutes, it's Ferro with
a mini medal butt plug up his ass. Follow that with a long metal butt plug, only to be followed by the ben wa balls. Ferro still
enjoys some Acconi dick after all the ass-play. Last, but not least, we have Nick Sterling dilating Alex Mason's hole. It starts
with his tongue and then a series of dildo's to scare the average man. At one point Sterling and a dildo are double fucking
Mason's hole! If you are into toys this movie is toy-a-pallooza.

 3.8 Stars!