2014 Channel 1 Releasing

Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
Starring: Jason Phoenix, Ty Roderick, Manuel Rokko, Shay Michaels, Mike Demarko, Ian Levine, Conner Maguire and
Matt Stevens

    Well Mike Demarko has been sentenced and now it's time to be punished! First thing is to strip down and get sprayed down
to be sure there are no drugs, and Connor Maguire is just the cock (I mean cop) to do it. After guard Maguire checks Demarko's
butthole for drugs, he decides it's a good place to put his dick. Back in the jail, Ty Roderick is having his toes sucked on by Ian
Levine while Manuel Rokko watches. We all know suckin toes leads to sucking dicks, and Levine does a very good job sucking
Roderick's dick... so good that Roderick lets Levine suck on Rokko's dick. Well while Roderick, Levine and Rokko are having
their hot little three-way, guard Maguire puts Demarko in the same cell and we all know it will not take long for Demarko to get
naked and join in. Well guard Maguire really does not like Demarko because he has drugs planted on him by Jason Phoenix, and
to celebrate, Phoenix has sex with Shay Michaels. Now I am just observing, but if you ever have a chance to have sex with Phoenix,
just say you eat ass well. The way Michaels' was eating Phoenix's ass all I can say is he likes it. Back to Mike Demarko who has been
busted for drugs... well he meets with a lawyer who says he can help him (wink wink). Demako sucks his lawyer's (Matt Stevens)
dick, fucks him with a big dildo and then fucks him... you are just going to have to watch the movie to see what happens.

 3.8 Stars!