Project Go Go Boy


Project Go Go Boy
2012 Cockyboys

Directed by Jake Jackson
Starring: Jake Bass, Max Ryder, Pierre Fitch, Gabriel Clark, Tommy Defendi, Steven Forest, Seth Knight and Sebastian Young

(Condoms used for all penetration.)

Do you like reality shows like Project Runway or Survivor? Then this movie is for you! The movie starts with Jake Bass bitching
in their confessional type of booth (I know shocking -- a bitching queen) about the new guy Max Ryder who has not earned his
way to the go-go stage (Laughing). The first two to get naked are Pierre Fitch and Max Ryder and all you are going to think is
where is Ryder going to put Fitch's very large cock? Well after playing suckie suckie it goes up Ryder's ass (with lots of lube). Next
up to get naked is club manager Sebastian Young (between times in jail) who wants to let dancer Seth Knight earn better shifts by
sucking on his dick. Did I tell you bartender Tommy Defendi joins them? The best part of this threesome is Young fucking Knight
while Knight is sucking on's just plain hot and you are going to jack off the next time wishing you are Knight. It does get
better to twirl Knight around and it's now Defend's turn to fuck and Young is getting his dick sucked. Have you ever seen twelve
porn stars doing naked yoga lead by the very sexy Gabrial Clark? Well let's just say it's hot and when a fully erect leader of the class
Gabriel Clark puts his tongue up Max Ryder's ass you are going to have a wet spot! The best part was when I realized Clark as the
leader of the class was letting everyone in the class have a taste of his dick. How to make this all better...all of the guys sucking, licking
eating and then fucking each other! Now this entire movie all you are going to think is Bass and Ryder are two pissy little twinks (it's
for the TV show) but when are they going to fuck. You will have to wait until the end and the surprise is they flip and fuck each
other and it's hot! I truly enjoyed this movie, and at Grabby time you can plan to see a number of nominations because this in one of
my top ten films of 2012.
 3.95 Stars!