Private Show


Private Show
2018. Falcon
Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring: Roman Todd, Mason Lear, Max Adonis, Remy Cruze, Skyy Knox, Dave Slick, Woody Fox, Danny Montero,
and Jackson Reed

   I highly recommend people begin more movies with a naked Remy Cruze hard and happy starting your movie and baby,
that is one juicy ass! We are in a cam house with a lot of hot and sexy guys, so we go back to Remy who is jacking for the
camera and we have Skyy Knox join him and ready for action. Knox wants to give Remy a tongue bath and settle for some
sucking on Remy’s big, thick cock. Once Remy starts butt munching, we all know Knox is getting a big, thick dick up his ass,
and, baby, he likes it! Back in the living room, Max Adonis brings home uber sexy Danny Montero for a super hot 69 scene
which leads to Adonis fucking Montero. We find Jackson Reed camming in the kitchen when he asks Roman Todd to fuck him
live. (Duh, can I do it?) Well, shock! Todd says yes and Reed gets him naked to suck some hard Todd dick. I just want to say
Roman Todd has some hot nips! Reed’s wish comes true and Todd fucks him every which way; Reed really likes it (and so
will you). In another part of the house, there’s Max Adonis performing for the camera in the hot tub when Mason Lear comes
in to play and claims to not see the camera (he must be blind). When Lear finds out about the cam, he plays along and puts on
a show. When we meet Dave Slick, we find out he has low numbers and no one is watching him. What does Woody Fox do?
He gets Slick naked and shows him what the fans want to see. For starters, Fox does some major ass eating and dick sucking
before Fox fucks Slick. This movie is hot and sexy and you are going to wanna watch it.

  3.9 Stars!