Prisoner Of War Vol. 2


Prisoner Of War Vol.2
2016. Icon Male
Directed by Nica Noelle
Starring: Sam Truitt, Alexander Gustavo, Trent Ferris and Ty Roderick

It's 1944 (yes this movie has a plot) and Heinrick (Trent Ferris) has captured two prisoners. At the end of the day, Officer
Deiter (Alexander Gustavo) feels they (him) need a pleasurable reward, which means Ferris is going down on Gustavo . After
Ferris and Gustavo take turns sucking on each other, it's only Gustavo who is doing the fucking. Once they're done fucking,
they go to check on their prisoners Sam Truitt and Ty Roderick in the dungeon. Well Gustavo seems to like Roderick and
takes him upstairs to let him know that things can be more pleas-urable... if he plays along. It starts with a hand-job that leads
to both guys sucking each other, before it's time for Gustavo to fuck Roderick. But the shockingly Gustavo wants some prisoner
dick up his ass so Roderick fucks him... but to show dominance Gustavo fucks him one more time. Back in the dungeon blinded-
folded prisoner Truitt starts telling his guard Ferris that he survives by fantasizing. This leads to some dirty talk and all of a
sudden Ferris is taking the hand cuffs off of Truitt and the guys are getting naked. Now the funny part is that Truitt does not
escape, but stays around so he can fuck Ferris (really?). Snap! It was only a fantasy dream and none of it happened. When
Gustavo brings Roderick back to the dungeon and leaves him with Truitt, Truitt finds out Roderick gave up his ass for the
cause and Truitt asks why Roderick didn't ask him. Truitt happens to have the key, so instead of leaving they have sex. Now
I love a movie with a plot, but if you're going to tell me it's 1944 shouldn't you take body jewelry out (Gustavo)? And I do not
believe they had red and black underwear back then.

 3.75 Stars!