Present Arms


Present Arms
2014 Channel 1 Releasing

Directed by Dirk Yates
Starring: Jason Phoenix, Trenton Ducati, Brock Avery, Angelo Marconi, Jake Jammer, Jerek Miles, Jay
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

       Best way to start a movie? Have Jason Phoenix, a 6'4" Marine naked in the shower (plus he has a nice thick cock)! After
Phoenix gets dressed, three more naked Marines come in and have fun with each other in the shower. I will say there is something
about a Marine saying 'suck it' that is just hot! After the three Marines suck, fuck and cum all over each other, poor lonely Phoenix
has no one who wants to go to his place with him (stupid boys!). So he gets a beer, turns on the basketball game and fantasizes
about the guys in a very hot solo. It gets really hot when Phoenix spreads his cheeks and gives us a look when a finger goes in. Now
the lonely Phoenix decides to go out for a drink and the ever friendly Trenton Ducati is his bartender. Well back at Ducati's place,
Ducati has no problem getting our Marine naked and Ducati gives Phoenix one hell of a tongue bath. But when Phoenix goes down
on Ducati, it's just hot! I was also very happy to see Phoenix eating Ducati's ass and then finger fucking him. We all know that ass
eating leads to fucking, but to my surprise and enjoyment is when they flip fucked! Next up is Angelo Marconi and he hears there
are some Marines who wanna have fun...the bisexual Jason Phoenix is one of them (the boy gets around now). Our favorite Marine
Phoenix is taking turns sucking both guys off and then fucking them! Welcome to gay porn Jason Phoenix, can't wait to see more of you!
 3.95 Stars!