Postcards From LA


Postcards From LA
2018. Cockyboys
Directed by Jake Jaxson
Starring: Taylor Reign, Jack Hunter , Ollie, Sean Ford, Liam Riley, Sean Zevran and Travis Yukarit

Pain and simple: It’s very cold in Chicago today and I picked this movie to review because it takes place in sunny Los
Angels. It’s -20 in Chicago today; the movie opens, I see palm trees and I am going to be alright. We find Liam Riley (where
have you been, bitch) with Sean Zevran being all romantic, acting like boyfriends. When Zevran is watching a naked and
erect Riley playing with himself in the bathroom, the equally naked and erect Zevran has to join him (yay). Let’s be honest,
we know Zevran will be fucking Riley but when Zevran starts munching on Riley’s ass, it’s just hot! When Zevran starts
fucking Riley, it’s even better because Riley really likes a dick up his ass. Next we meet newcomer Travis Yukarit (who
picked this porn name?) who has a naked Taylor Reign over who wants a tongue up his ass and Travis is willing to help.
When Travis finally loses his underwear, Taylor is more than happy to suck on his dick. After the guys take turns sucking
and licking on each other, it’s Travis’ turn. You have a tongue up his ass but this time it’s followed by Taylor’s dick up
Travis’ ass and then, surprise, they flip (yay). Now we go to the beach and find Jack Hunter and Ollie being romantic with
each other before they go back to their hotel room to get naked. What we learn is Ollie might be having some issues deep
throating Hunter’s big cock, but we have a feeling this is not the first time, so Hunter then goes down on Ollie. When Hunter
starts fucking Ollie, all I can think is get that man some poppers, please! Things go much better when they flip and Ollie
fucks Hunter. Taylor Reign must be “friendly” in this movie because now he is acting romantic with Sean Ford. Reign has
no problem getting Ford naked so he can suck on his dick and after, they lick and suck on each other its Reign who is butt
munching, which means Reign is fucking Ford.  On this very cold day in Chicago, this movie will make you feel warm all over.
3.85 Stars!