Pool Service


Pool Service
2017. Titan
Directed by Jasun Mark
Starring: Matthew Bosch, Liam Knox, Bennett Anthony, Adam Ramzi, Jason Vario and Jack Vidra

Matthew Bosch comes home to see how pool repairman Jack Vidra is doing; he must like what he sees because he has
a chubby and Vidra wants to play with it. After the guys take turns sucking on each other, it’s Bosch’s first with a dick up
his ass but don’t worry, Bosch’s big cock is not wasted. Vidra gets his chance to ride it. The next day we find Bennett
Anthony cleaning the same pool but this time, we find a naked Jason Vario at the pool and he must like what he sees because
he is hard as a rock. Anthony likes what he sees and goes over to suck Vario’s hard dick. I know this is going to shock you
but Anthony also gets naked and Vario sucks his dick and true to form, it’s Vario who gets to fuck the pool boy. Later that
day, pool repairman Vidra returns and he finds a naked Liam Knox; he is shy and puts a towel on to cover up. Well, the
towel does not stay on long because he likes it when Vidra starts sucking his hard dick. After the guys take turns sucking on
each other, they take turns fucking each other. The next day, we find pool boy Bennett Anthony back. This time, gardener
Adam Ramzi is over trimming the bushes and I think the gardener has the hots for the pool boy. Ramzi is sucking dick first,
but don’t worry, Anthony gets his turn. Since this movie is all about the guys flip-fucking, I will say Ramzi gets fucked first
and then Anthony gets his turn to bounce on Ramzi’s hot dick. If you like a movie when everyone is flip-fucking, this movie
is for you!
 3.85 Stars!