Pool Mates


Pool Mates
2018. Naked Sword Originals
Directed by mr.Pam
Starring Roman Todd, Arad Winwin, Seth Santoro, Gabriel Alanzo, Seth Knight, Adonis Couverture and Brad Payton

   It’s simple: Seven hot studs fuck poolside. I say let’s watch and play. First we find Roman Todd and Gabriel Alanzo playing
around in the pool. After some kissing, Todd needs his dick sucked and Alanzo wants the job. When Todd finally gets Alanzo
naked, it’s time for Todd to do some butt munching. It’s no shock when Todd starts fucking Alanzo; they really seem to be
enjoying each other but when they start fucking in the water and we get the in-water shots, it’s just hot! Next at the pool, we
find Arid Winwin and Brad Payton and all I see is Winwin wants some Payton ass. The guys move over to the stairs so
Winwin’s hard dick can get sucked. Once Winwin starts finger-fucking Payton, you know who is getting fucked and Winwin
fucks Payton silly. The next couple we meet at the pool is Adonis Couverture and Seth Santoro. When the guys get naked and
take turns sucking on each other, Seth is the first to get his butt munched on and Seth is the one to be fucked. Our last couple
at the pool is Seth Knight and the return of Roman Todd; these two are hot for each other. Knight cannot wait to suck on
Todd’s dick. Todd is having a blast munching on Knight’s ass, as Knight keeps begging for more. This movie is all sex and
all passion and heat.

 3.9 Stars!