Point & Shoot


Point & Shoot

Written and Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring: Landon Conrad, Alexander Garrett, Cameron Foster, Dean Monroe, Trevor Knight, Jimmy Durano, Marc Dylan
and Dylan Roberts
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

       Five friends are on vacation in San Francisco and have rented a house, does anybody else see naked men and hot sex?
Well the guys go off in different directions to explore and Jimmy Durano is the first one to find a friend...Dylan Roberts want
to share is large hot dog with him (insert joke now) so Durano takes Roberts home to share (I have a feeling this house is going
 to get a lot of action this vacation). Durano shares (fucks Roberts silly) all over the house. Later in the week Landon Conrad
and Dean Monroe find Marc Dylan's camera and start to look at the pictures and find Dyan's naked pic's of himself (Dylan looks
very beefy and hot). They eventually find the video of Jimmy Durano (is he the only person getting laid) and Dylan getting busy in
a very hot bathroom paying point and shoot with the camera. Back on the streets of San Francisco we find Trevor Knight (didn't
he retire) pointing and shooting pictures of the beefy Cameron Foster. Knight takes Foster back to the house to take more pic's (wink
wink) of him in his underwear and Knight thinks a naked butt is better and does some eating on his hole before the fucking begins.
The camera is back in the hands of Durano as he is now filming Marc Dylan as he gets naked with Alexander Garrett (a stranger they
pick up). The fun and dirty part of this scene is Durano filming the fucking while he is jacking off and just watching. After Dean Monroe
and Landon Conrad have watched their friends having so much sex, they realize it's time for them to get naked  (they are very horny
now) and leave the camera on. After watching this movie you are going to want to rent a great house in San Francisco and bring your
 3.8 Stars!