Plays Together


Plays Together
2013 Falcon
Directed by Bruno Bond
Starring: Lance Luciano, Ryan Rose, Ray Diaz, Conner Maguire, Liam Magnuson, and Darius Ferdynand

(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      The movie starts with Ryan Rose and Lance Luciano cuddling in bed (yes they are naked). So after some dick sucking,
 Rose is the first with a dick up his ass and you can tell he really likes Luciano's dick up it. Not to be left out, it's flip time and
Rose just pounds Luciano. Next up is Darius Ferdynand who needs a massage and Liam Magnuson is doing the rubbing.
When Magnuson's hand starts rubbing a cheek (thank god) you know where this is going. The massage oil is aimed for Darius's
ass and ass rubbing leads to ass eating and Darius likes a tongue up his butt. We all know ass eating leads to fucking, and
Magnuson just pounds Darius' ass. What happens next is hot because while Magnuson and Darius are fucking, Luciano comes in
and watches and rubs one out. So while Conner Maguire is fucking Ray Diaz, Ryan Rose is watching at the door and drops his
towel and starts rubbing. Rose finally comes in and sticks his dick down Diaz's throat. Well I think they are a couple (they started
the movie in bed together) as Rose and Luciano are making out and have Darius and Maguire sucking on their dicks (hot). Then
it's time for Rose and Maguire to fuck the guys. Darius Ferdynand impressed me as he is sitting on Rose's dick rubbing on Luciano
and has Maguire also up his ass for one hot double penetration scene. If you like hot are going to love this movie!
 3.9 Stars!