Pitching Tents


Pitching Tents
2016. Falcon
Directed by Tony Dimarco
Starring: Woody Fox, JJ Knight, Jacob Peterson, Jeremy Spreadums, Casey Everett  and Seth Santoro

   The sexy long haired Woody Fox is walking through the woods slowly losing all his cloths... we never find out why but I
wonder where these woods are? When Fox is back at his woods resort and has managed to find his shorts, he finds a naked
Seth Santoro taking an outdoor shower (hot!). Well since there are two showers, Fox gets naked and joins him. The way
Santoro is washing his ass there is no question who is getting fucked... and Fox knows also because at this point he has a very
hard dick. After some dick sucking and butt munching, Santoro looks at Fox and says 'fuck me' so the guys go and find a
bench to make this work. Over on the river JJ Knight and Jeremy Spreadums (yes this is his porn name) are playing on their
blow up toy when they decide it's time to go back to their tent. Fortunately their clothes are wet so they have to strip. After
Spreadums starts blowing Knight, Knight gets shy and they go in their tent to get naked. With some dick sucking and ass
eating, it's Spreadums with 9+ inches up his butt and he sure likes to sit on dick! Now at the campfire we find Jacob Peterson
and Fox in their undies making out, before Peterson is on his knees to suck some dick. Once Fox starts munching on some
Peterson ass it's obvious Peterson is getting fucked. In another part of the woods we meet Ryan Rose being very entertained
watching Casey Everett trying to set up his tent. Well Rose is a good guy and helps Everett, and helping Everett turns Rose
on (he has a chubby, or as Everett says a pitched a tent). This means Rose is getting naked to have his dick sucked. We all
know that Everett is a super-bottom and can't wait to sit and spin on Rose's dick. Finally we have Woods Slut Fox who's out
in the woods naked playing with himself when Spreadums finds him and joins. After watching this movie I want to know
where I can find woods to get naked in.

 3.85 Stars!