2012 Channel 1 Releasing
Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
Starring: Spencer Reed, Sebastian Young, Hunter Vance, Ridge Michaels, Evan Mercy, Cody Robbinson, David Chase and
Drake Jaden

(Condoms used for all penetration.)

You know you're in for a wild ride when the box cover for this movie has Spencer Reed pissing on Drake Jaden and pouring some
liquid (wink wink) on him. Now the movie starts with Cody Robbinson alone in the shower trying to rub one out, but oh my god,
Hunter Vance in Boots and a jockstrap and walks in the shower (I need to get a bigger shower so this happens to me). The amazing
part of this scene is when Vance pisses on Robbinson because he pee's, and pee's, and pee's. I don't know how one man could have
that much liquid in him and still get hard! Next up is Ridge Micahels (a big pre-cummer) and Evan Mercy and they start by doing
the we are going to fuck soon dance in their big black boots...and they fuck. And they fuck. Next on the list is Sebastian Young, the
new bad boy of porn who I think only smiles in his private life. Now it's really hot when you see him walking hard under water and
yes he has his boots on (it is a movie theme with boots). He gets a out of the pool and pee's on David Chase (I thought only Olympic
swimmers could pee in a pool) and they finally go inside and pee on each other some more. Then Young just pounds Chase's ass. For
the finale, we get Spencer Reed and Drake Jaden and let's just say their pre-sex dance is HOT! When Reed fills Jaden's ass up with
water (I think it was clear) and Jaden shoots it out of his ass, it looks like Reed is drinking from an ass water fountain! If you like
movies with a lot of piss, a lot of boots and hot men having hot sex, this movie is for you!
 3.85 Stars!