Picture Perfect


Picture Perfect
Directed by Tony DiMarco
Starring:  Marc Dylan, Angelo Marconi, Jimmy Durano, Topher Dimaggio, Rafael Carreras, Johnny Ryder, Dylan Roberts
and Charlie Harding

(Condoms used for all penetration.)

Falcon has invited us to a photo shoot and Dylan Roberts is our photographer. I think I see naked people! We see new exclusive
Charlie Harding and Johnny Ryder and they are in sexy jockstraps with big hard on's. Ryder sits on Harding's face and you can
see Harding's tongue penetrating Ryder's ass (it felt good to me). Did I tell you Ryder sure knows how to ride Harding's cock!
Next up we have two of my favorite performers: Angelo Marconi (great juicy butt) and Jimmy Durano (one of the hardest cocks
in gay porn and its big too). There is no pretence in this scene...they start naked (with photographer Roberts clicking away) and
go at it. The way Durano is eating his ass we know Marconi likes it as much as we do! Then we get power bottom Marc Dylan
along with Topher Dimaggio. As Topher is pounding Dylan's ass on a great looking white leather couch he is careful that no butt
juice gets on the leather. Now he is pounding him on the white carpet (that's so much safer LOL). Then we have the very sexy
Rafael Carreras and he is being photographed alone...does this mean that the lonely photographer Dylan Roberts might finally
be getting some? First Roberts has to oil Carreras down so she will pop for the camera (LOL). Oh and while he is doing the oiling
things Carreras' hard dick some how makes it in Roberts' mouth. Thank god they have so much oil around because with the size
if Carreras' dick they need it to get that dick up Roberts' ass!
 3.8 Stars!