Paris Perfect


Paris Perfect
2017. Nakedsword and Pinkx
Directed by Directed by mr.Pam
Starring: Colton Grey, Jonny V, Dani Robles, Theo Ford, François Sagat, Denis Vega, Gabriel Cross and Trenton Ducati.

   The story is Colton Grey and his friend Johnny V on on a trip to Paris that turns into a trip of a lifetime. The movie starts
with Grey having all kinds of fun sucking on Trenton Ducati’s cock and Ducati’s liking it after which Grey leaves with his
luggage and heads to his friend Johnny V’s apartment. The guys decide to head to Paris and once in Paris a very handsome
Theo Ford comes by and thinks Grey is a Mr. Ferrand (this is the plot). After Grey and Johnny chat, Johnny has to leave
because he wants to hook up with his Grindr trick François Sagat. (Have any of you ever found someone as hot as Sagat on
Grindr?) Once at Sagat’s place, let’s just say the guys both like what they see and don’t waste time and get each other naked!
So with Sagat claiming to only speak French, it is cute to see them decide who is fucking who but they flip a coin to see who is
fucking first because they are going to be flipping. After Sagat does some major butt-munching, it’s Johnny’s turn and he
wants to suck on Sagat’s really nice cock. Sagat does some more butt-munching and then Sagat gets to go first and fuck Johnny.
When it’s Johnny’s turn to top, it’s Sagat who is the bouncy boy. Ford upgrades Grey to a better place to stay and once at this
place, spy Dani Robles breaks in and what does Ford do? He get Robles to drop his drawers and eat some ass. It gets hot when
Ford bends Robles over the kitchen table to fuck him but it’s hotter when he lays him on the table to fuck him. We find out that
Johnny V gets his phone stolen and is roaming Paris when he finds Sister Roma and talks her into using her phone so he can
find Colton Grey. They chat and after Grey gets off the phone, Gabriel Cross suddenly appears and we know that Grey likes it
because he starts rubbing his dick. The guys seem to like each other because they start making out and it’s Grey who sucks dick
first. We all know that dick-sucking leads to ass-eating. Grey is munching and that means Grey is fucking Cross, okay, maybe
pounding. The year of the flip continues because Cross wants a piece of Grey’s skinny ass and it’s his turn to fuck. The movie
ends with a group scene with Colton Grey, Johnny V, Dani Robles, Theo Ford and Denis Vega and after all the guys get naked
and after a lot of dick-sucking, it’s Vega who fucks Grey while Robles fucks Johnny.

  3.9 Stars!