2012 Lucas Entertainment
Directed by Adam Killian and Chris Crisco
Starring: Adam Killian, Justin Cruise, Christopher Daniels, Jeremy Stevens, Vito Gallo, Mitchell Rock, Aaron Blake,
Jimmy Durano, Jessie Colter and Jessy Ares

(Condoms used for all penetration.)

    I have read a lot about this movie and I just wasn't sure if I wanted to see some of the hottest men in gay porn in pantyhose
and lace panties. But it's my job so lets watch! The movie starts with Jessie Colter getting a message from his boyfriend to try
them on, so Jessie puts on the fishnets and thong and that gives him an erection. Jessie is then joined by Jessy Ares who basically
rips a hole in the ass part of those fishnets so he can eat some ass. When Ares is doing Colter the ripped fishnets actually give him
something to hold on to when he is fucking the daylights out of Colter. One of the things about this movie that made me giggle is
that trying on a pair of pantyhose its not easy, and these guys seem to do a really good job of putting them on. Jimmy Durano is
being sent off to work by his boyfriend Aaron Blake, so after Durano leaves gets Blake naked hard and puts those pantyhose on.
The problem is that Durano comes back in and catches Blake (I think Durano like it). Remember the good pig that Durano is he
makes sure there is a hole in front so he can suck dick and a hole in back for ass eating and fucking. Next is Christopher Daniel's
(with one of the sexiest asses) who comes home with boyfriend Jeremy Stevens to get naked and put on a pair of lacy panties (all I
will say is that Daniels' ass looks hot in lacy panties). When Stevens' rips a hole in the ass of Daniels' panties and fucks him, it's kind
of hot. Adam Killian is just one of the biggest sex pigs on this earth (it's a compliment) and if you ever meet him it's like sex is coming
out of his pores. When Killian has his trick Justin Cruise put on his pantyhose it's hot, but it sizzles when Killian puts his fishnets on
(and I think Killian likes it). I will tell you I am shocked to say I really liked this movie. I don't think that fishnets will not be part of my
everyday sex life, but they might come out for special occasions.

 3.85 Stars!