2016. Titanmen
Directed by Jasun Mark
Starring: Matthew Bosch, Hunter Marx, Dirk Caber and Max Sargent

Let's meet our cast... "Package" delivery man Matthew Bosch and his cop boyfriend Dirk Caber are late for work. In
another part of town is Hunter Marx who is working on his tan and playing with himself when "Package" deliveryman
Bosch shows up in some really tight shorts (I mean his uniform). Uh oh, the door bell rings and Hunter has to hide his erection.
Unfortunately the package is damaged so Bosch has to come in to make sure everything inside is okay. As Marx is unpacking
a Titanmen care package Bosch sees that Marx is on one of the covers (DUH) and Marx realizes that Bosch has a really nice
ass and wants to see the rest. After the guys get to know each other, we find out that Marx likes to much on a furry ass. This
also means Bosch will be the first to get bent over the counter with a dick up his ass! Now remember readers, 2017 is the year
of the flip and what good deliveryman wouldn't take their chance to fuck a porn star? Bosch enjoys payback and it's then
his turn to do some fucking. And because Marx is a nice guy, he gives Bosch one of his movies when he leaves. After this long
day at work, Bosch goes home to jack-off and watch his new movie (gift) when his boyfriend (Caber) comes home. They talk
about Marx fucking him and Caber has to prove he is the better fuck. So for the second time in the day, Bosch has a dick up
his ass, but this time there is no flipping. What we do learn is Officer Caber wants to know where Marx lives... and I have a
feeling he wants some porn star ass also. Over at Marx's house he is naked with Max Sargent getting a blow job on his patio
when Officer Caber shows up about a "noise complaint" and directs them to go inside and talk (wink wink). Officer Caber
wants to watch some action, and we can assume he likes what he sees because he is naked and rubbing when the guys start
to suck on Caber. In this three-way everyone gets fucked and somehow the white couch stays clean. You will love this movie
if you like watching men have sex, not boys!

 3.85 Stars!