Otter Erotic


OTTER Erotic
2018. Raging Stallion
Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring: Drake Masters, Tegan Zayne, Ziggy Banks, Teddy Bear, Stephen Harte, James Steven, Nigel March, Deviant Otter

   Tegan Zayne slips into a peepshow and gets more than an eyeful after feeding Drake Masters enough coins through the
slot. After Masters starts rubbing on his own well-oiled body, Zayne is rubbing on his own cock while putting more coins in
the slot and has his own erect cock out before Masters gets hard. Masters insists many more coins go in the slot before he
comes over to let Zayne suck his dick. Zayne must have put enough coins in the slot because Masters lets him in his booth so
he can fuck Zayne. FYI, Zayne bounces really nice on Masters’ dick! Nigel March is at the front desk when Teddy Bear (really)
approaches. Nigel sure seems to like what he sees and offers up his cock for Teddy to suck on. Don’t you love a store when you
can suck the thick cock of the help and then the help eats your furry ass before he fucks you? James Steven was late to Drake
Masters’ show on the main stage and when he comes in, Masters is still worked up with a chubby, starts making out with James
and starts rubbing him all over. After Masters starts going down on Stevens, it is Stevens who is munching on Masters ass;
Masters really likes it. After they both cum, James has to get back to work in the coat check when Deviant Otter shows up and
after some humping and bumping, James is on his knees sucking Otter’s cock. Then both guys get naked so James can bounce
on Otter’s cock. Back in the main theatre, we find Ziggy Banks and Stephen Harte putting on a show when Tegan Zayne
comes in to watch; Zayne whips out his cash for tipping and after heavily tipping the guy, he joins the show and the funny
part is that Zayne is the first one with his cock out. Zayne gets to fuck Ziggy first, but then they switch and Harte gets to fuck
Zayne. It looks like Zayne got his money’s worth because both guys cum all over him. If hairy men on the leaner side turn
you on, Otter Erotic is for you!
  3.9 Stars!