Original Sinners


Original Sinners
2013 Lucas Entertainment
Directed by Adam Killian, Chris Crisco, Marc MacNamara
Starring D.O., Jessy Ares, Paddy O'Brian, Adam Killian, Diego Lauzen, Wagner Vittoria, Jesse Santana, Tiziano
Fuentes and Jake Genesis

(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      So you know a movie is going to be interesting when it starts with Adam Killian calling Paddy O'brian a douche. Well seven
men are in the jungle (in a very nice house) waiting for their redemption and big boss Jessy Ares is out for something. We are
getting a chance to see all the guys in their rooms and some out sleeping. One might be trying to make a call and one might even
be trying to rub one out, but we want to know why they are here. Diego Lauzen is a proper boy when Tiziano Fuentes asks him
to get naked. He says he can't because his boyfriend is sleeping in their bedroom...they have to go outside. Lauzen and Fuentes
go out to the jungle and are soon joined by D.O. who seems to like to watch and tell you what to do. The boys all finally get naked
and we know that getting naked means ass eating, cock socking and a really hot daisy chain (oh to be Lauzen and the man in the
middle). Shortly after their hot 3-way, D.O. is found dead...let the drama begin. Well Adam Killian is investigating (looking in
other guys' rooms) when the boss Jessy Ares finds him and wants to get to know him better, which means Killian is on his knees
and Ares is hard and happy. This is a very good movie, the only thing I would change is the jungle noise.
 3.95 Stars!