Opportunity Knocks


Opportunity Knocks
2015 Titan Men

Directed by Joe Gage
Starring: Nick Prescott, Dirk Caber, Layne Nixon, JD Phoenix, Colby White and Dolan Wolfe

    It's been ten years since Dirk Caber and Dolan Wolfe met (in the showers at the gym) but the dance these two take to make
it happen again is hot. Caber is the first one to take it up the butt, but they are men so they flip. Well JD Phoenix goes back to
his brother in law's (Colby White) hotel room and while talking they decide (wink wink) that Phoenix is too drunk to drive
home so he will have to spend the night. We all know that they are going to get naked. After sucking each other's dicks it's White
doing the fucking. Nick Prescott and I learned something new today: a white bandanna hanging out of your back pocket means
you are looking for the white stuff (cum). Well Layne Nixon found the white stuff after bouncing on Prescott's dick.
 3.7 Stars!