Open Road Part 1


Open Road Part 1
2013 Raging Stallion Studios

Directed by Bruno Bond
Starring: Adam Ramzi, Boomer Bamks, Seven Dixon, Marcus Isaacs, James Ryder, Tony Orion and Aleks Buldocek
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

    Here we are in a bar at closing time with Marcus Isaacs behind the bar and James Ryder as our waiter. That is until Ryder
goes over the bar to kiss Marcus and eat some ass on the bar. Now after some ass eating and dick sucking (nice dick James Ryder),
I am shocked that Isaacs is the one fucking Ryder. They flip and it gets better when Aleks Buldocek joins them and sticks his dick
up Isaacs' ass (this is one hot 3 way). Well Buldocek is not done because he is still working when the uber sexy Adam Ramzi comes
in and after a shot they are making out. After a while Buldocek is on the bar naked and Ramzi is sucking him off. We all know
sucking leads to ass eating and ass eating leads to fucking, and let's just say Ramzi's ass is hot and Buldocek has a lot of fun with it.
Ramzi is back on the road and is hitching a ride (this is only safe in porn) and is picked up by Seven Dixon and quicker than that
they are at an old barn and getting naked (Dixon sucks a mean dick). Ok I have to say it, Seven has a very hot ass and when Ramzi
puts his tongue up it my toes curled. It gets better because Ramzi is a hot top and fucks the shit out of Dixon's hot ass. This is a hot
movie with manly men having manly sex.

3.95 Stars!