One Night at the Ready


One Night at the Ready
2017. Hot House
Directed by Chi Chi LaRue
Starring Austin Wolf, Johnny V, Sky Knox, Kurtis Wolfe, Michael Delray, Dakoda Rivers, Fane Roberts and Jason Vario

Welcome to The Ready Bar, dimly lit and attached to a hotel, a place for hustlers, old friends and lonely men to meet.
This is a perfect place for passion and sex is always in the air. First we meet Michael Delray and Kurtis Wolfe who are straight
[wink-wink] buddies from their college days. Both guys are not getting any sex from their wives; let’s just say they are two
horny straight guys. Next we find Delray in a stall in the bathroom rubbing one out (FYI:  He has a nice dick). Wolfe comes
in the bathroom (he locks the door) and drops his drawers, then starts rubbing one out also. Once Delray realizes what’s going
on, he joins him. After the guys give each other a show, it’s Delray who makes the first move to help his buddy out, but it’s
Wolfe who sucks dick first. Once Wolfe starts eating ass, we know who is getting fucked and it’s Delray. Now we go back to
the bar and find Austin Wolf and Fane Roberts. After some talking, Roberts goes back to his room and sends Wolf up shortly
after. Well, once Wolf gets to the room, he finds Fane naked and butt up. Fane has no problem getting Wolf naked. I was not
shocked when Wolf started eating Fane’s butt and then fuck him, but my thought was, when is Wolf going to get fucked? Don’t
worry. Wolf left the money on the desk for Fane. Back in the bar, we find suit and tie Sky Knox and blue collar Jason Vario.
Knox spills a drink on Vario; Knox gets nervous and runs out of the bar with Vario following. Vario wants Knox to lick the drink
off his arm and boot, and he does. This is getting both guys hot and Knox starts sucking on Vario’s hot cock. Vario seems to like
the talented Knox because Vario gets naked and has Knox munch on his ass. Vario is horny and he rips the back of Knox’s pants
so he can eat some ass and then fuck him. Back in the bar, bartender Jack Vidra has to tell Johnny V (in a cowboy hat) it’s closing
time but Johnny V wants to introduce him to Dakota Rivers [woof] first. Vidra and Johnny V want Rivers naked so they can start
sucking and licking on Rivers.  Johnny V is the first to get fucked and Vidra is doing the fucking.

 3.9 Stars!