One Erection


One Erection
2016. Cockyboys
Directed by Jake Jackson and Chi Chi LaRue
Starring: Levi Karter, Liem Riley, Tayte Hanson, Kody Stewert and Allen King

At the end of their 2015 world tour, boy-band New Erection went on hiatus. During that time the band decided to produce
a documentary... enjoy the show! First we learn that the group has hired Chi Chi LaRue to direct the video for their new song,
"Porn Love Story." On the set of the video the group comes in and meets Trenton Ducati (he is over the edge funny) who is naked
with an erection and wants a photo with the guys. Later we find out that Tayte Hanson wrote the hit song "Sticky Face" and we
are trying to find out the meaning behind the song (FYI Jason Maddox is the group's manager). Since the video they are shooting
is for the song called "Porn Love Story" we have to film some porn! As the pizza boy we have Lucas Grande delivering to Trenton
Ducati and Rikk York who have a really hot three-way (if MTV had these kind of videos more people would be watching). Now
POP News is interviewing the group and it's asked where is Allen (King) and is it true that he and Liem Riley are in a relationship.
The reporter is asking Liem if he is gay, and Liem is saying he is straight (LOL). At the group's rehearsal we learn Riley is one pushy
bitch. Now they are interviewing Tayte Hanson and we learn that he came from the church and we watch him sing his hit song "Nailed
Him" (in his old long Tayte Hanson hair) and Hanson is telling us that Jesus is sexy. Next we get to see the Liem Riley interview who
once again says the group is straight (LOL ), until he says he is gay, gay, gay. Also during Liem's interview we learn that Liem and
Levi wrote the song "Sticky Face," Tayte was just the inspiration.
    All of the group and their manager has gone out to the country together to get some work done. We meet up with Hanson and
manager Jason Maddox who are in their undies in bed together... that is until they get naked and busy. Now it seems that Hanson
has a thing for Maddox's ass because he slaps it, plays with it, licks it and munches on it. But it's Maddox doing all the fucking, and
baby Maddox fucks Hanson every which way and Sunday (it's Hanson who ends up with a sticky face). Former group member Allen
King returns and during his interview we learn that he likes Karter, but does not like Riley. The next day during Riley's interview he
learns that King is back (and has a hissy fit). Back at the video shoot Chi Chi is shooting leather man Nick Sterling and we can see that
on-the-side Kody Stewert is watching and likes Sterling. Later on the guys get together and Stewert has a new found like for leather.
After Stewert sucks on Sterling's dick, it's Sterling playing with Stewert's ass before he fucks the shit out him. After Karter's interview
he finds a very sad King who says he no longer wants to be in the group, but wants to be with Karter as a couple. What are two horny
guys to do? They find an empty house in the woods and get busy! Back on the video shoot it's been brought up that Riley has sexually
harassed both Trenton Ducati and now lumber jack Colby Keller. What we learn is Riley, Hanson and Stewert sexually harass Keller
and he likes it! All the guys work on getting Keller naked while they all take turns sucking on Keller's dick. And while all of the dick
sucking , ass eating and fucking is going on, we learn that Karter and King are filming it all. Now the funny part is Karter and King
join them because the group does everything together! This movie is funny, sexy, sassy and different. Make sure to watch the video to
"Sticky Face" at the end because the group has been invited to perform the song at the 2017 Grabbys... only three band members would
agree to perform so this is the only way to see them perform!

 3.95 Stars!