On The Market


On The Market
2016. Hot House Entertainment
Directed by Tony Dimarco Starring: Austin Wolf, JJ Knight, Johnny V, Skippy Baxter, Tegan Zayne, Dustin Holloway
and Wesley Woods

  Have you ever found a realtor hot? First we have Wesley Woods who takes a break when delivery man Johnny V arrives
with a delivery. While still on the phone, Woods has Johnny V going down on him before Woods gets Johnny naked and
returns the favor (Woods can suck some major dick). Once Woods starts having a major munch attack on Johnny's butt,
you know who is getting fucked. Next up is junior agent Dustin Holloway who really wants to impress his boss, Austin Wolf.
Making out with him is a good start, followed by sucking on his dick. Once Holloway has laid down naked on his desk, Wolf
starts finger fucking him so you know who is getting pounded. Well Wesley Woods is friendly in this movie and is showing
his client Skippy Baxter (why the name Skippy?!) around his latest listing. Not surprising, the tramp Woods let's the client
go down on him to close the deal. Woods starts munching on Baxter's ass and we know who's doing the fucking (all I can
think is when did Woods become such a major top?). Back at the office, JJ Knight is working with Tegan Zayne and I'm
impressed with how well Zayne can go down on Knight's dick! After munching on Zayne's hairy ass, Knight enjoys himself
when Zayne sits on his big cock. After watching this movie you will be looking for a hot real estate agent to

 3.85 Stars!