Offensively Large


Offensively Large
2016. Bel Ami
Directed by Luke Hamill
Starring: Jack Harrer, Joel Birkin, Helmut Huxley, Peter Annaud, Arne Coen and Claude Sorel

This movie begins with us going to a Bel Ami photoshoot with Jack Harrer and Joel Birkin. We actually start with them
both in shorts and the finally see them naked... we find out they both have zero body fat, are both uncut (yummy) and are
both hung! After they start playing with each other's dicks and with themselves, they shoot an amazing amount of cum (all
I could think was I have to find out what they feed these guys). New scene, new situation and now Birkin is the gardener
and is watering the lawn when he looks in the window to find Claude Sorel naked and sucking on Jack Harrer’s big dick.
Well Birkin is playing with himself when he accidentally sprays water on the window and Hunter and Sorel now know they
are being watched. Being the nice guys they are, they invite Birkin in. So once Birkin gets naked (that doesn't take long),
Birkin gets to play man in the middle and go back and forth sucking the guys' big dicks (lucky man). It's Birkin with his legs
in the air first and Sorel doing the butt munching, but it's all the guys who cum on Birkin. While Birkin goes to shower (love
this shower), Sorel and Harrer are not done and it's Harrer's turn to munch on some Sorel butt. After Birkin is done showering
he comes out and starts getting dressed but Sorel shares that they're not done with him yet. Sorel starts eating Harrer's ass
while Birkin is fucking Sorel. Being the good pig that Sorel is, he also has to get fucked by Harrer. Over at the beach we meet
Peter Annaud and Arne Coen. Coen states that he heard Annaud has a big dick, and Annaud says he hears Coen has a big
dick also. What are two hot and horny men to do? Compare, of course! Well the guys go back to a really nice house and shower
together (they are both really big)! After the guys dry off it's time for some hot sex in a bed and after some sucking dicks on
both parts it's Coen who is bouncing on a really big dick. In another part of town we have Helmut Huxley and the very friendly
Joel Birkin going back to a house. They can't even get in before they are getting naked and Birkin is fucking Huxley in the
doorway (hot). Here is the deal, if you like a movie with hot men, big dicks who cum a lot, this movie is for you!

 3.85 Stars!