Nob Hill


Nob Hill
2018. NakedSword
Directed by mr.Pam
Starring: Alam Wernik, Woody Fox, Adam Killian, Jessie Colter, Max Duro, Brandon Wilde, Max Adonis, Timarrie Baker

   For 50 years, locals and tourists have flocked to Nob Hill Theatre to see and touch their favorite gay porn stars. In 2018, the
owners decided they wanted a change and sold the club. So Nakedsword and Nob Hill Theatre are having one last night and
we are all invited! It’s the final show and the guys are putting on a show. When we get to the theatre, aerial artist Woody Fox
will be setting up his straps as he is performing that night. Alam Wernik is also on the stage working out. After the guys give
each other the look and Fox tugs on his crouch, Alam goes to Fox for playtime. First thing Fox wants is Alam naked so he can
eat some ass. Fox eating Alam’s ass is amazing (your ass will twitch), but when Fox puts Alam’s feet in his straps and his legs
are high for easier ass access, it is truly one of the hottest ass-eatings I have ever seen! Now you have to watch Alam suck Fox’s
dick and be impressed; I cannot describe properly what is happening but you’ll be amazed; oh, and then Fox fucks Alam.
When we meet businessman Timarrie Baker (he has a suit on), we learn that his meeting has been moved back three hours, so
what’s a guy to do? Go to Nob Hill and check out the glory hole rooms one last time. Baker thinks he is going to have Alam
Killian suck his dick but he gets called away and it’s Max Adonis who is sucking his dick through the hole in the wall. The guys
take turns sucking each other’s dicks before Baker and Adonis move to a bigger room to get busy. The final night is a party
with lots of performers and a live audience. Then we have Adam Killian, Jessie Colter and Max Duro for the final three-way
happening on the Nob Hill Theatre stage! This is an over-the-top performance that, by the end, every one of the guys will be
double-penetrated by the other two. Readers, this is a must-see! Nob Hill is going out in style and on top!
  3.95 Stars!