Naughty Pines 1


Naughty Pines 1
Directed by Tony Dimarco
Starring: Sean Zevran, Ryan Rose, Brian Bonds, Chris Bines, Connor Maguire, Zack Randell, Colt Rivers, Mike Gaite and
Luke Adams

     Boyfriend Colt Rivers and Owen Michaels haven't been having much sex lately, so when Rivers surprises Michaels with
a weekend trip deep in the woods at Naughty Pines (a private men's retreat) he figures he should go with it. When Rivers and
Michael's arrive at the resort, they see a bunch of naked hot men playing football (you know this is going to lead to trouble).
First up is Ryan Rose and Zack Randall, and I have to say there is something sexy about Rose in his boxers but even hotter
when he is naked. When it's time for fucking I just loved how Randall just sits on Rose's dick. Back in the woods we have Connor
Maguire finishing up his outdoor shower and we get to watch him go on a naked walk back to his tent, but not before he gives the
look to Mike Gaite and invites him to his tent. Thank goodness Maguire is naked because Gaite is naked in record time and is licking
and sucking all over Maguire. I know the resort is Naughty Pines, so you should not be surprised when Brian Bonds is naked and
hard and playing with it when Chris Pines comes up and starts sucking on Bond's dick. Well it starts getting really hot when they
are fucking and Colt Rivers comes up and starts watching (while paying with himself). Then Luke Adams comes up and adds a
helping hand. The next morning the uber sexy Sean Zevran is still sporting some morning wood when Luke Adams comes by, so the
kind man that Zevran is he invites him into his tent. Well Luke is the lucky one to have Zevran's dick up his butt. All I can say is
I can't wait for Naughty Pines 2.

 3.9 Stars!