My Gay Boss


My Gay Boss
2012 Phoenixx

Starring:  Shane Frost, Tristen Jaxx, Wesley Marks, Dustin Fitch, Michah Andrews, Ryan Conners, Timo Garrett,
Alex Andrews, Preston Ettinger and Kelan Carr

(Condoms used for all penetration.)

My gurlfriend Shane has been saying for the last year that he is filming this movie and all I can say that it's about time one of
them showed up to be reviewed! Have you ever had a really cute boss who you fantasized about when you were jacking off?
If so, this movie is for you! I will have to assume your cell phone has a camera on it, can I also assume that you have taken
pictures of your hard dick? Oh please, you know you have. Well Timo Garrett  starts the movie in the bathroom at work
doing just that. Timo accidentally (wink wink) sends his dick pic's to his sexy boss Alex Andrews and Alex wants a piece of
that! Timo must have been wanting Alex's dick for a while because he is sucking on it like it's the last dick on earth. I can truly
say I have never had a boss that I wanted to fuck me silly (maybe one) on the desk at work, but Timo must have because Alex
Andrews is having a party in Timo's ass and you are going to like it. Readers, I have a question for you...I don't have sex with
my friends and I am not in the room watching when my friends are having sex. But is it wrong when your friend is Shane Frost
and you rub one out while watching him have sex with Tristen Jaxx ? NO because its just hot! When Jaxx puts Frost on the
desk and fucks him it's just hot. In case you're wondering, there were no desks broken in this movie but you might want to find
the leftover cum.
 3.6 Stars!