My Doctor Sucks


My Doctor Sucks
2013 Hot House

Directed by Christian Owen
Starring: Landon Conrad, Angelo, Brandon Jones, Jimmy Durano, Trenton Ducati, Angel Rock, Conner Kline, Jeremy
Stevens, Leo Domenico, and Lance Luciano
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

      Have you ever had a really hot doctor? After your appointment did you go home and jack off thinking about this doctor?
Well if you have, this movie is for you! The first patient is Angelo and he has a sore throat. Dr. Brandon Jones thinks he has a
swollen gag reflex (LOL). Well Angelo takes that big doctor dick down his throat till all is better. After they take turns and suck
each other, Dr. Jones lubes up Angelo's dick and sits on it. Lower stomach pains for Jeremy Stevens mean Dr. Durano wants to
do a colonoscopy, but first Dr. Durano has to shave Stevens' ass baby smooth. A smooth ass means Dr. Durano needs to fuck
that ass and baby that is just what he does! After a major fucking, we get a major load of cum. Oh no, we have a problem! Lance
Luciano can't get an erection and went to the emergency room for help (LOL). Thank goodness Dr. Angel Rock is on duty
because that is his specialty. To get things going, Dr. Rock puts a big old dildo up Luciano's ass, and after a few pumps things seem
to be working much better! The good news is that Dr. Jones is still around and joins in, meaning Rock is fucking Luciano while
Luciano is in Jones (a hot 3 way). When you see the amount of cum Rock and Jones leave on Luciano's chest, you will like it! The
final scene involves Conner Kline and his need for a doctor because of lower back pain (wink wink). By the time Leo Domenico's
exam is done, it is all about Kline's bubble butt. And once Kline pays his bill, he is laying on his back and nurse Domenico is sitting
on his erect dick. If you have a doctor fantasy, well this movie is for you!

 3.9 Stars!