My Doctor Rocks


My Doctor Rocks
2014 Hot House Entertainment

Directed by Christian Owen
Starring: Alexander Gustavo, Angel Rock, Billy Santoro, Dylan Knight, Hans Berlin, Johnny Ryder, Liam Soto,
Sean Duran, Darius Ferdynand and Tommy Deluca

    Ever have a doctor take your underwear off and then suck you off? Me either, but Sean Duran is the patient and Angel
Rock is the doctor! Now the way Dr. Rock is putting his finger up Duran's ass I think he is giving a prostate exam. I think
Duran is too young for this so it must be for pleasure. It's no surprise when Rock is the one fucking Duran, but isn't it time
for Rock to get a dick up his ass? In another part of the office, nurse Dylan Knight (is he even old enough to drink?) overhears
Dr. Billy Santoro sucking off patient Liam Soto and stays around to watch Soto fuck Santoro hard. While Knight is still
watching at the door, Doctor Johnny Ryder comes by with passed out Hans Berlin. Well Ryder decides that Knight needs help
with his hard dick and goes down on him. While all this is going on, Berlin starts to wake up so the guys start playing with the
patient and soon Knight and Ryder are taking turns fucking Berlin. Dr. Santoro is at it again and this time it's patient Darius
Ferdynand who has the pleasure of Santoro sucking on his dick. After the sucking and we all know how Dr. Santoro is... it's
bouncy bouncy time on Ferynand's dick. If you have never had a doctor/nurse fantasy, you will after this movie.
 3.8 Stars!