Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring:  Trenton Ducati, Ryan Rose, Angelo, JR Bronson, Angel Rock, Donnie Dean, Jimmy Durano and Mike Anders
(Condoms used for all penetration.)

When I saw this cover, I wondered if this is the gay porn version of "All About Eve"? The young upstart Ryan Rose stealing
the thunder and all the cum from one of last year's biggest stars, Trenton Ducati? First up we have trainer Trenton Ducati
working out the new kid Ryan Rose (like he needs a trainer), and by working out we mean sweating like a mother and Ducati
having his way. You just know who is getting fucked first and it's Rose! The part I don't understand is that Rose is naked and
hard and Ducati has his sweat pants still on...get naked Trenton and fuck him! Always the gentleman, Ducati sucks Roses dick,
licks his balls and finally Rose gets to Ducati and sucks his dick (these young children always think it's all about them). So Ducati
has Rose's butt up and all I could think was Rose really likes a tongue up it! We all know once there is a tongue is that there is
going to be a dick going up and Ducati is the one to do it! Now the "All About Eve" moment where after sucking the cum out
of Ducati, Rose now has the power and fucks Ducati (is Rose the new gay porn king?). So when you see Angel Rock stretching
out Donnie Dean in the gym, do you have any surprises when Rock is doing the fucking? Plus Rock can suck a dick like a pro,
but why does he seem like a selfish lay? Next up we have Angelo (all 6 ft 3 inches of him ) working out with JR Bronson (with a
goofy hair cut) and when Angelo's dick happens to come out of his shorts, the good guy that Bronson is he gives him a hand job
(I need to go to this gym). Okay, Bronson also sits on Angelo's dick! This is a good movie, but all I keep wondering is will we be
seeing Rose winning at the 2014 Grabbys?
 3.85 Stars!