Monumental ASS

Monumental ASS
2015. Hot House

Directed by Nick Foxx
Starring: Austin Wolf, Sebastian Kross, Chris Bines, Nick Sterling, Alexandar Gustavo, Jimmi Slater and Tryp Bates

    This movie starts with Austin Wolf finger fucking Chris Bines and let's just say the Wolf has found the secret special place
(we get some hot 69ing before some power fucking by Wolf). Next up are Alexandar Gustavo and Sebastian Kross who do
some major ass eating on each other but once again Kross is a major tease and only Gustavo sits on a dick. Now the correct
way to do it is with Nick Sterling and Tryp Bates who after doing some tasty ass eating take turns fucking each other. Last
but not least is Jammi Slater, and Chris Bines is back and this time he is doing the fucking. Bines and Slater also do this 69ing
ass eating that is just amazing.

 3.7 Stars!