Mixtape Volume 2


Mixtape Volume 2
2018. Boom Boxxx
Directed by Boomer Banks
Starring: Boomer Banks, Max Adonis, JJ Knight, Nate Stetson and Jack Vidra

As the movie starts, we have Boomer Banks (he always smells so good) and Max Adonis (is he in every movie lately?)
running through the woods (yay, outdoor sex!). It’s no shock that they are horny and the rubbing and bumping starts.
This is what I have learned: Dead wood makes a good stepladder for Adonis to step up on and Banks easy access to munch
on some Adonis’ ass. Well, Adonis must like a challenge because he starts deep-throating some big Banks’ cock. Banks starts
fucking but the pre-cum dripping out of Adonis is hot! Next we go indoors with Banks and JJ Knight; this should be
interesting because they are both versatile and both have very large cocks. The scene starts with Knight and Banks naked
and sucking Knights’ cock while Knight is finger-fucking Banks (I think Banks is getting fucked) and no time is wasted when
Banks just sits on Knight’s hard cock. Next we find Jack Vidra sucking on Nate Stetson’s dick before Stetson fucks Vidra
every which way and Vidra just becomes a bouncy toy on Stetson’s dick. Now it gets interesting when Vidra brings
cameraman/director Boomer Banks in the scene so the guys can start sucking his cock. (What director /cameraman works
naked?) Banks puts the camera down (yes, you can still watch) and joins in, which means Banks sits on Stetson’s dick. So
now Vidra is going to raise the bar and have Stetson and Banks take turns fucking him before they double-penetrate him
(that is a lot of dick). This movie has hot sex and passion!

 3.9 Stars!