Mickey Taylor

Mark Nagel: When did music become an important part of your life?
Mickey Taylor: I think it’s always been a big part of my life, I still remember the first track I ever
got as a kid that was “Bob the Builder,” and I’ve always just loved being able to sing. It’s just amazing
that now I finally get to share my love for such an amazing media.

MN: Do you play any instruments?
MT: I play the piano, not very confidently. I mean I still have a few things I want to learn. But my
biggest goal with instruments is to learn the guitar.

MN: When you were young, were you a singing child?
MT: Oh God, always. My mum has an amazing voice and I grew up listening to the great Whitney
Houston, so I always appreciated music and sung as a child. I remember fondly singing Nina Simone.

MN: Your new album recently came out and you have made the charts. How do you describe it?
MT: My album is an electronic pop album. But when people ask me to describe it, I describe it as
being my diary. It’s a collection of memories or feelings I’ve had in the last two years from break-ups
to crazy nights out. Rather than keep a journal, I wrote music about my life situations and emotions.
That’s what this album is. It’s a collection of some of things I’ve gone through and hopefully fans can
relate and connect with some of the experiences on the album.

MN: Since you write your own music, how does that process work for you?
MT: It happens two different ways. Sometimes I write a song and then record myself on my phone,
singing the vocals and then my producer creates a track of what I send him. Then I head into the studio
and record the track. Or he sends me something he’s produced and then I write a track to what he gives
me, instrumental-wise. Both ways work for me really well, but I’m always looking for new ways to
experiment and expand my ability.
MN: Who are your musical influences?
MT: I’d probably say right now it’s Halsey, Troye Sivan, Lana Del Rey and Lorde. Their writing styles
are just incredible and the alternative indie sounds some of them have is just so incredible to me. I relate
and connect strongly with their music. My next album will be a much more indie alternative album. It
will be great to be able to create an album modeled in the light of such amazing artists.

MN: When you have time off, to whom do you listen?
MT: I find myself listening to a lot of new artists or artists I haven’t heard of. I like to find new sounds
and songs I’ve never heard. It’s nice to broaden your musical tastes. At the moment, country music is
really grabbing me as far as what I enjoy to discover.

MN: Best place for people to listen to and get your music?
MT: You can buy it from iTunes or Amazon or stream it from Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music and many
others. Or you can buy it from my site, misfitking.com

MN: You also are a porn star. How did you first get into porn?
MT: I was found by a producer on Grindr [laughing]. They messaged me for months and I just kept
putting the idea off until I finally sat my mother down and asked her for her opinion and she said, “You’re
only young once and you’re not gonna be young and look that way forever. If you’ve got it, flaunt it and
just have fun and live in the moment.” So I guess my mum is to blame and also to thank [laughing].

MN: How did you come up with your porn name?
MT: Taylor was from a company I use to own called Taylored Butlers, which essentially was butlers in the
buff for hire. And Mickey comes from my love for Disney

MN: Do you watch a lot of porn yourself?
MT: Not really. I find it kind of bizarre. I don’t want to jerk off or watch gay porn. I know or I’m friends
with most people in the gay porn industry, so I don’t want to see my friends naked or jerk off to them
[laughs]. So if I ever watch porn, it’s usually gay for pay or bisexual porn.

MN: What’s the biggest misconception people have about working in porn?
MT: That we don’t switch off. I think people forget we are actually human beings and we don’t want to talk
about sex or porn everyday, so some people take advantage or the fact that we work in porn, like when people
message you sexually graphic messages or send us dick and ass pics. Now I know we work in porn, so it’s
part of the parcel and the life we chose, but I think some people need to realize we’re not about sex 24/7. We
can just have a normal conversation with people [laughs]. I love people who appreciate our work and want to
talk about it, don’t get me wrong. I just think there are nicer ways that some people they could approach it [laughs].

MN: What happens if there isn’t chemistry between you and your scene partner?
MT: The scene gets cut or I ask to cut the scene. That has only ever happened to me once in the UK. The
guy turned up half-drunk from the night before and his ass hurt from the sex binge the night before which was a
little unprofessional and threw off the chemistry. The scene got cut and I don’t think he works anymore, which
is a shame because he’s beautiful. But I mean chemistry isn’t usually a problem. I only say yes to working with
people I find attractive because I always want to make real porn and by that, I mean porn that’s believable and
hot because fans at home know we are into one another.

MN: Is it difficult to stay “happy” with a film crew watching?
MT: Well, I’m always “happy.” My dick has a mind of its own [laughs]; it’s always hard. I cum sometimes
two or three times on set and then stay hard and keep going. I love to be watched. It’s all part of the sexual

MN: Has working in porn impacted your sex life in your private life?
MT: It’s probably made me more adventurous, I guess. But my partner is also a porn star, so we both understand
the job and what it entails for us both.

MN: What is the most difficult part about working in gay porn?
MT: When they call me and say I have to be on set for 10 a.m. [laughs]. I’m not a morning person, evening
scene all the way!

MN: What is the best part about working in gay porn?
MT: The sociality of it all, meeting new and interesting people. No day is the same. It’s always an adventure.

MN: What movies can we look forward seeing you in this year?
MT: At the moment, I’m on my album tour for several months, so porn-wise, I’m on a tiny break. I won’t be filming
in that time. But I filmed a bulk set of films in December and January to slowly be released all year. One I’m looking
forward to is with Naked Sword. In the DVD, I have two scenes, one with Jack Hunter and one with Wesley Woods.
I’m so excited to see them released.

MN: I have to ask, you seem to have a new hair color every time I see you. How often do you change it?
MT: Every two months [laughs]. I’m a very expressive character with my style and I like it to be an extension of my
emotions and my personality, from clothes to tattoos to hair. So I like to mix it up. At the moment, it’s blue and I love
it. It’s going to stay while I tour.

MN: Best way for your fans to keep up with all things Mickey Taylor?
MT: On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Just type in “MickeyTOfficial” and you will see me.

MN: Most importantly, when will we be seeing you in the states, especially in Chicago?
MT: We are currently confirming or trying to book dates for San Francisco, Vegas, LA, Texas and New York for
the album tour, so I hope to see everyone in those places. I plan to perform in Chicago very soon. I hope to be there
for the Grabbys, fingers crossed for me. This is my first year as a US performer, so I’m praying to just be nominated.

Photos Courtesy NakedSword.com

This article ran in the March 8, 2016 Issue of GRAB Magazine.