Men of Madrid


Men of Madrid
2016. Raging Stallion
Directed by Steve Cruz
Starring: Viktor Rom, Ramwey Reis, Gabriel Taurus, Mario Domenech, Abraham Al Malek, Antonio Miracle,
Xavi Duran and Flex Xtremo

Thank you Raging Stallion, I am in the mood for a vacation and Madrid has always been on my list. We first meet Viktor
Rom on a street corner in when Ramwey Reis walks by and catches his eye. He follows him and into an ally where we learn
that Reis likes him too and they start making out. We blink and the guys are naked and erect on a balcony. One thing before
we go on... the bearded Reis is shaved clean from the neck down, which is something you only see on 18 year old twinks. But
I must say on a man it's kind of hot! Reis is the first to start sucking dick, and after he gets his butt munched on it's over to
the patio area so Rom can fuck him. Rom pounds Reis' hole so hard I think my hole felt it! In another part of town we meet
Mario Domenech who is having a cup of coffee but looking for some dick. He calls his friend Gabriel Taurus and Taurus says
to come on over. When Domenech gets to Taurus' apartment he finds him in his underwear and erect. What does Domenech
do? Get's Taurus naked and starts sucking on his dick, and once naked, Domenech is butt up and ready to get fucked. Next
we meet Abraham Al Malek, who is leaving a restaurant when he drops his wallet. Luckily Antonio Miracle finds it (takes the
money first!) before chasing Al Malek to give it back. To thank him, Miracle takes him back to his place and they get naked
and Al Malek sucks his dick and then let's Miracle fuck him. When we meet Flex Xtremo he is greeting his massage therapist
(Xavi Duran) in his underwear. Thank goodness Duran didn't bring his table because after a few rubs they were sucking face
and giving hand jobs. Once Xtremo started going down on Duran, all I could think was I thought Xtremo was supposed to be
getting serviced? Well he does and Duran fucks Xtremo like a good massage therapist should! Later that day we meet back up
 with Viktor Rom and Mario Domenech where we find out both of their dates (tricks) have cancelled. Guess they should get
naked and fuck! After watching this movie, you are first going to want to head on vacation to Madrid; second go look for the
Men of Madrid to get naked with!

 3.9 Stars!