Meeting Liam


Meeting Liam
2015. Cockyboys

Directed by Jake Jaxson
Starring: Liam Riley, Levi Karter, Tayte Hanson and Ricky Roman
We start with Liam Riley who has lived in Los Angeles but is now moving to New York to the Cockyboy compound (with
Levi Karter is picking him up at the train station). As we get to know the boys on the car ride back, Karter also gives us a tour
of the house and we find out that the house might be a little bit haunted (but it's good energy). Luckily the boys are going to be
room mates at the compound and give each other blow jobs to welcome Liam to the house. Tayte Hanson and Ricky Roman
come for a visit and disappear, and while Liam and Levi are outside they start hearing sex noise and investigate to find Tayte
fucking Ricky. The boys (Liam and Levi) like it so much that they go and get naked. Later that night after the guys have been
hearing things (doors are opening and closing on their own), they realize that Bella (Levi's dog) is missing and try and go and
find her. Instead they find Tayte and Ricky fucking in the woods. While all four of the guys are outside they start hearing more
noises and now acorns are coming. After using a Ouija board Levi is in a parallel dimension and takes the straight boy (Michale
Milano) in another room to get busy. Tayte and Ricky are getting busy with Levi watching and liking it. Well this turns into the
hottest three-way when Levi and Ricky double fuck Tayte Hanson (I see a Grabby nomination for this scene!). This movie is part
documentary and a whole lot of horror movie. One of the best movies of the year.

 3.95 Stars!